“The embrace of the world.”

This is the official homepage of AMANDAN. He is one of the great spiritual figures of our time. For many he is considered the spiritual genius and his essence as one of the most incredible energies in the world …

AMANDAN sees right to the true nature of everybody and everything. He feels them all: the masks, the coats, the shadows, the foreign things, the illusions, the untruths. He destroys the darkness that covers the light of each individual. He doesn’t flatter anyone in his approach. Just as it has happened to him, so will the people and companies that come in contact with him. Everything that covers the essence of the individual will come to light and then redeemed …

AMANDAN clearly distances himself from the widespread views and practices of esotericism and spirituality.

People and companies from all over the world seek contact with him. Among them are renowned artists, musicians, producers, athletes, actors and writers – among them countless world stars. Among the recipients of his energies are also entrepreneurs and managers, from the self-employed and managing directors of medium-sized companies to the boardrooms of global players. In principle, he does not give any references. The contact with him is a very personal and intimate matter that does not require any public or external influence.

This homepage shows the spectrum of possibilities to get in touch with him.