The Daoists would say that AMANDAN has reached the true Tao, which cannot be put into words – without any action nor by the work of the mind. The Buddhists speak of nirvana and others of enlightenment. In AMANDANs revelation, it says that he came to bring the speech of oneness to the earth. His energies are received by thousands of people, companies and organizations around the world.

AMANDAN works from the “being-by-itself” and is not interested in the worldly affairs. So there is no desire in him, for example, for a role or a legacy or for fame, recognition, goals, understanding, praise, happiness or wealth – also politics or business as well as social and societal aspects are no longer of importance. His gaze looks into the essence of things. When AMANDAN acts, it is just from this described “mystical-spontaneous” way. It is rather a following, than an active acting.

AMANDAN himself lives withdrawn and in seclusion.


AMANDAN spent his childhood in a small village, graduated from high school and then studied Industrial Engineering and International Management. Successful years of entrepreneurship, advising the top ranks of medium-sized and large companies, and teaching at the private university in Heidelberg were to follow.

At the zenith of his creativity, a call reached him. It was a request to return to his hometown and discard his previous life. This request was so insistent that the next day he began to wind up his businesses and finish his activities. Three months later, he set out for Göttingen, his hometown.

Three month later he received a second call. He followed and an out-of-body encounter awaited him in a certain part of a forest very closed to his native village. In this he received the following words: “You have come to bring the speech of oneness to earth. You will receive knowledge, access and skills necessary for this. Beforehand, the complete purification and cleansing of your essence will take place. It will last almost ten years and will be of deepest darkness.”

And so it was to happen. There followed a decade of darkness and great suffering, marked by poverty, without a home, fears, physical pain, lack of energy, dysfunctionalities, stays in psychiatric hospitals, violence and rejection, loss of friends and family, up to suicide attempts, when suffering seemed unbearable. He lost everything – inside and outside. Nevertheless, he always felt guided and intuitively knew at all times that this was all right and good for him.

During this period he wrote more than twenty books and numbers of scripts, some within a few days. He received the contents mostly after a very dark phase. The contents were all intended for him alone at a certain time and “degree of maturity”, which is why he later destroyed them all.

After a little more than nine and a half years – completely shattered and at the end of his strength – a final and redemptive call finally reached him: “It is accomplished. There is nothing left that would cover or weaken your essence. Follow the impulses and informations you will receive.”

Two years of regeneration followed. Gradually he recovered and the darkness turned into light. In this time he received precise instructions on what to do and how to bring the speech of oneness to earth. You can see a part of the result on these pages.

AMANDAN was at no time part of a group or community nor did he ever visit a master. Everything should happen in himself and in direct connection.