Even though experiences with AMANDAN are always individual and he never promises anything, there is a certain group of commonalities that we are told about. The following, very general lists would like to try to bring something closer by words, which everyone will only fully understand through their own experience.

People report that their darkness showed up to them and that it then dissolved. They tell of sudden insights and promptings, of answers to long-asked questions, of dissolutions of existing blockages and obstacles, of inner clarity and orientation, of fundamental changes, of the healing of emotional wounds, of a feeling of deep trust and inner peace, of the knowledge of infinite freedom, of overwhelming love and joy of life, of great fulfillment and energisedness, of deep touch, of a new feeling of life, yes, of a whole new consciousness and even of the experiences of unity or enlightenment that they achieved after coming into contact with AMANDAN. They tell with this very specific kindness that they now have a sense of who they really are.

Companies report a fundamental change in the spirit and attitude to life inside and outside their company, of the contemplation of fulfilled action and the deep knowledge of the correctness and importance of the activity, of fundamental structural changes, of employees who leave and new ones who want to become part of the company by themselves, of new ideas and impulses, of the attitude of old and the emergence of completely new product lines and services, of losses of existing customers and the emergence of new markets and customer groups, of the end of internal struggles and conflicts, of the liberation of restrictive and limiting and the emergence of new and fruitful partnerships and relations. They all talk about this very specific and so familiar magic that surrounds them after they have made the connection with AMANDAN.

Organizations, too, report the return to their true existence and the original meaning of it. They speak of the elegance and beauty of their worlds, of wonderful events and potentials that opened up, of the attraction of unique minds and works of art, of enormous flows of money and far-reaching connections and partnerships. They tell of this special spirit that they came to know in the early days and that has now reawakened after AMANDAN has come into their lives.