Munich | December 2010

“Being a servant to the world…”


AMANDAN’s life should begin normally. He spent the first few years in a small village near Göttingen (Germany). After graduating from high school, he studied industrial engineering and international management. Successful years of entrepreneurship, advising the top ranks of large corporations and teaching at the private University of Heidelberg followed.

At the zenith of his work he received a spiritual inspiration. It was the request to return to his hometown Göttingen, clean up and lay down his whole life. This request was so urgent and clear that he stopped all activities and went to Göttingen a few months later.

In a forest near Göttingen he had an out-of-body experience, in which he saw his true essence. 7 years of radical devotion in purification and more out-of-body experiences followed – until finally there was nothing and no one left that covered his essence …

Today, AMANDAN lives withdrawn and in seclusion. In him there is infinite space, silence and deep peace.